Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 17th - Sooke (#51)

Kyle, Ian and I went for a morning fishing trip out to Sooke as we had heard good reports. Though the rain was at times hard, there was no wind, so Natural C-lection was pretty comfy. We wished for 3 hours and only had one bite which happened to be a hatchery coho. We saw a few others caught, but not that many.
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20 km.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 14-17 - Puget Sound (#50)

I did a solo trip down to Puget sound to get a sense of how easy it was to cover a good distance and to check out a few places. I cleared US customs in Port Townsend by prior arrangement which was simple and straightforward. I then spent a few hours at the Pygmy boats kayak shop and chatting with John Lockwood.
The Port Townsend area - click to enlarge

I stayed at Shilshole Bay marina in Seattle which was huge (1400+ slips) but well equipped. I was able to take advantage of good pubs in Ballard and did some shopping. I went for a day trip to Blake Island State Park which is a a nicely set up marine state park in Seattle's back yard.
exploring the Seattle area -click to enlarge

The crossing of the strait was relatively easy both ways. On the way out I saw humpbacks twice as well as porpoises. Nothing on the way back. The only lumpy water i experienced was around point Wilson where the currents made for confused seas. The crossing to Port Townsend takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
The overall trip - click to enlarge
Martin helped me to launch and retrieve Natural C-lection at the beginning and end of the trip in the most efficient manner. He drove the truck back home after launching while I went by water to the mooring. On the way back we did the reverse. It was very easy to launch and retrieve with someone in the boat while doing so. I also cleared Canada Customs by phone in Cadboro Bay which was nice and easy as i have now done it several times.
Launching and retrieving and clearing customs - click to enlarge

285 km and approx 210 l of gas.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 20-23 - Pender and San Juan Islands (#49)

Monica and I took the boat up to Pender where we joined Jack and Mary at Ainslie Point Cottage for the weekend..We did ssome successful crabbing in Bedwell Harbour, a trip around South Pender and a day trip to Friday Harbor. A full tank took us 105 km...(loaded with either gear or people).
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179 km

May 8th - Saanich Inlet (#48)

Monica and I went for a day of prawning in Saanich inlet, combined with lunch at Bridgeman's Bistro. The prawning was better that the last two times with about 80 prawns total. 4 traps had no prawns...
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29 km

May 5th - Oak Bay and Border Bank (#47)

Martin and I went for a fishing trip on the Oak bay flats. We did a bunch of trolling, dropped a crab trap, and went to the border to try for halibut. The halibut fishing was unsuccessful, the trolling netted us one small chinook, but thew crab trap gave us 7 nice male Dungeness crab!
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53 km.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 22nd - Saanich Inlet (#46)

Martin and I went out for a day of prawning and fishing in Saanich inlet. We dropped off the traps and then went an tried our hand for sole in Pat Bay. We caught a few nice little sole and then went back to pull our traps. Very few prawns, even though the traps were in the same locations as in previous years. But a nice day on the water...
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32 km

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sept 4th - Mill Bay (#45)

Monica and I went out into Saanich Inlet for a day of prawning. We dropped our traps off in the usual places and then went over to Mill Bay to have lunch at Bridgeman's bistro. After a nice lunch we went over to Brentwood College School to visit Cheryl.We had fun with the seals who had taken over the BCS docks! A beautiful day out, but very few prawns. One of the other fishers we spoke to said it had been poor as well...
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26 km